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Watch here:…

Sadly, I'm not entirely satisfied with how this came out; for some reason the clips all came out looking narrow, and I have no idea why (unless it was the way they simply downloaded, always possible). But it'll do for now, I suppose.

I hope you all enjoy! :D

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You know,I think:
Exile has 32 years old
Blitz has 27 years old
Shag has 26 years old
Hunter and Muzzle has 25 years old
Colleen has 23 years old
You mean in 'dog years'? ;) Heh-heh, well, while I also do think that Exile is the oldest of the Rovers, I actually think that Colleen might be older than Hunter and Blitz, and that Blitz could be the youngest. :)
Yes but I think for blitz the second oldest because he look so tall compare to Exile but with ocs and crossover characters I think from oldest to youngest:
Blitz and Incubus(27)
Colleen,Marshall and Muzzle(25)

but I don't how old is Roger,Torakichi and a lot of other character
Well, height doesn't really have anything to do with age. I've met several different people of all sizes who were either older or younger than me. After all, haven't you seen children who surpass their parents in height? ;) :)

But either way, those are pretty good ages to apply to the Rovers. As for how old Roger is, in dog years, he is 18. But I have no idea about the other characters because they're not my OCs. :XD:
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thanx for the fav ;)
Hey, Metal. There's something I haven't told you about. In my childhood, I used to have a fear of dogs. Yes, that's right. I used to be afraid of dogs. But as I grew up, I lost my fear of dogs. And now I love them. But I think this would be something that the Road Rovers would laugh at. If I confessed that I used to be afraid of dogs, I can imagine they'd crack up laughing.
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