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Ask My OC: Q13 by MetalExveemon
Ask My OC: Q13
Phew! This one took a lot of different pages to make, but I like the end result. :D So here we finally have the answers to :iconmdtartist83:'s questions. 

Roger is his usual cute, horny self, while Stilette... well, in case any of you don't understand, she's a firm believer in "actions speak louder than words." ^^ 

Not only that, but this was an opportunity for me to finally draw :iconthesims65:'s OC Slicker, although I really ought to do a portrait as well, as well as of Cooper. But oh well, all things in their own good time, I suppose. :XD: Plus we got to see Raptor tied up and gagged for the first time, always a plus. ;)

Soduko really is arrogant, though; he doesn't think any of his enemies are a threat. Even after he loses to them he still underestimates them. He's not one who learns from his mistakes, really. At least, not in the short-run, anyway...

I really had fun with Jasper and Vladimir's scenario, though. Its very different from how they're usually portrayed; for once Jasper has the upper hand, and he defeats the polar bear by means of science (sort of). :XD:

Road Rovers (c) WB
Roger/Stilette/Raptor/Soduko/Jasper (c) me
Tsunami/Vladimir (c) :iconmdtartist83:
Slicker (c) :iconthesims65:
Happy Halloween by MetalExveemon
Happy Halloween
For a while, I've been wanting to do a Halloween-themed pic, but could never think of anything to do. Then, when :iconwillylliw: started posting fanart of his OCs in Halloween costumes, this came to mind ;) (hence why this also doubles as a surprise present for willylliw :D). 

At first I hesitated to give Roger's speedo the design I did, wondering if it would be too dirty or not, but then decided to just go ahead. :XD: Btw, while Roger does think that willy's other male OCs are attractive, he attaches himself to Samson and Darius because they're both wearing speedos with their abs exposed. Nuff said. lol

Happy Halloween, everyone! :D

(Oh yes, and I realize that I already made a pic similar to this one; I decided why not? :XD:)

Road Rovers (c) WB
Roger (c) me
Samson/Darius (c) :iconwillylliw:
Ask My OC: Q12 by MetalExveemon
Ask My OC: Q12
Some of the questions I've received on this "Ask My OC" thing are a bit on the odd side, because it seems like I'm always having to draw my OCs confused. :XD:

But I did enjoy drawing Jasper like that, though. Rofl!

And what *is* up with people wanting Stilette to marry Geist anyway? :XD:

Stilette/Raptor/Soduko/Jasper (c) me
Road Rovers (c) WB
Ask My OC: Q10 by MetalExveemon
Ask My OC: Q10
As you can see, Stilette is a firm believer in "actions speak louder than words." ;) :XD:

Plus we all learn that Roger has escape skills, as well as bad judgment when faced with a good-looking face. Rofl!

Road Rovers (c) WB
Roger/Stilette (c) me
Gunther (c) :iconthesims65:


United States
(Decided to go ahead and officially close this for now; I still have 10 questions to go, and I'd rather not chance that any more will be added. :XD: Thank you to all who participated in this, though.)

This was inspired by :iconthesims65:, where you ask my OCs questions on here, and I reply to the questions using pictures. I thought it might be fun, plus it would get me drawing again. :XD:

Here are some rules, though: please no inappropriate questions, and also...

Several people don't seem to know which OCs are mine and which aren't, and frankly, that's incredibly annoying to me. :XD: However, to save us all some trouble, I'm going to make a list of who my OCs are: 

Roger: Roger Facial Expressions by MetalExveemon
Stilette: Stilette's New Look by MetalExveemon
Raptor: Raptor by MetalExveemon
Jasper: Jasper by MetalExveemon
Soduko: Soduko by MetalExveemon

The characters listed above are my OCs. *THESE* are the characters you should be asking questions here. If you don't see a character listed here, then don't ask that character a question, 'kay? :)

***NEW RULE***

PLEASE, ask *one* OC *one at a time*. If you've already asked an OC a question, please wait until your question has been answered *before* you ask another question. Otherwise I'll end up feeling overwhelmed, okay, guys? Thanks. :)

Other than that, have fun everyone. :)

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You did it again.
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