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Bunny's Looks by MetalExveemon
Bunny's Looks
As most of my watchers know, I have given Bunnymund two distinct "looks": one a green speedo, the other a pink thong. ;) 

I realized that I would like to do more fanart of Bunny in the future, but I realized I'd like to pick one of those looks and basically stick to it, only I'm not entirely sure which one I should go with. 

So I decided to ask all of you which one you think I should pick? X)

Bunny (c) Dreamworks
Calculus 405 by MetalExveemon
Calculus 405
This was inspired by a conversation I had with :iconbigfootrules: about the Space Rovers having a member who is a robot. I pitched the idea to :iconmdtartist83: and suggested that the robot be based off his anthro version of Dynomutt. MDT liked that idea, and he came up with the Robot Rover's name: Calculus 405. 

As of now, we don't have any other details for Cal, aside from the obvious fact that his powers will be similar to Dynomutt (and chances are Cal will share the same adorkable personality as Dynomutt as well, lol). ;)

I also made Cal's color scheme more similar to the Space Rovers' uniform so that way he can be identified as one of them - and yes, he's also designed to look like he's wearing a custom outfit, but as a robot, I think he gets away with it (after all, he doesn't need to wear any extra layers for warmth, rofl). :XD:

Space Rovers (c) WB
Calculus 405 (c) jointly shared by :iconmdtartist83: and :iconmetalexveemon:
the idea that Cal originated from (c) :iconbigfootrules:
Lady in Blue by MetalExveemon
Lady in Blue
I decided I didn't have enough artwork of Kumori in my gallery, and decided to fix that. ;) The poses are based off actual photos of women wearing kimonos I googled. Also, that's an edelweiss flower behind her ear. Just in case any of you were wondering.

Kumori (c) :icontoontorment:


United States

My 2nd AMV. ;) Enjoy!

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