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Montel by MetalExveemon
Fanart of EJHusky's latest OC, Montel:…

EJHusky had already shared with me some sketches of Montel, and, after coming across a photograph of a guy running on a beach, I became inspired to do some "early fanart" of the timber wolf, since I had already taken a liking to the character. :D EJ told me that Montel is a lifeguard, so that should explain his attire. ;)

Montel (c) :iconejhusky:
Ninja Down by MetalExveemon
Ninja Down
Inspired by :iconar-daniel:'s :…

The Ninja-ken are on another mission, and as it turns out, the Road Rovers are in the area, presumably on their own mission that might clash with the Ninja's. So they receive orders from their human masters to sedate (aka knock unconscious and leave tied up in a closet/hidden area) the Rovers "just in case". Kumori is assigned to take down Blitz, and is ribbed by Karasu, "Try not to let his good looks bewitch you again."

"Not a chance," retorted Kumori, who had no problem with her assignment...

...that is, until she laid eyes on her target, who had for whatever reason had stripped himself down to his speedo and had taken a swim, and just rose up out of the water (I was going to add in water dripping off Blitz, but was afraid I'd only end up ruining the pic, so try imagine him as all wet). 

Completely caught off guard, Kumori got herself a nosebleed and radioed, "Ninja down. I need reinforcements. NOW." ;) :XD:

Note: this isn't part of any storyline, its just a random moment I thought up and made a pic for. x3

Kumori (c) :icontoontorment:
Blitz (c) WB
Smile, Kaiser by MetalExveemon
Smile, Kaiser
This was inspired by a conversation I had the other night with :iconmdtartist83:, where we both agreed to do a comic of an exchange we came up with between my OC, Roger, and his OC, Kaiser the cyborg-Rover. Roger thinks Kaiser should smile more often... only to end up rethinking that. ;) :XD:

Btw, I didn't mean for the background to come out looking like a rainbow. I just couldn't decide on a single color, so I chose whichever color would fit each panel. And they ended up looking like a rainbow. Lol...

Kaiser (c) :iconmdtartist83:
Roger (c) me
Road Rovers (c) WB
Lone Digger: Alternate Ending by MetalExveemon
Lone Digger: Alternate Ending
A while ago, I stumbled across a certain vid on youtube. It was a music vid for a group called Caravan Palace, and the song was Lone Digger. It stood out to me for obvious reasons, but not just because of the anthro/furry stuff, but also the art-style. The song itself was also pretty catchy. Unfortunately, as the vid went along, things got a little... gory. 

Here's the vid itself:… ***CAUTION*** The vid itself has some suggestive moments towards the beginning, but its at 2:06 when things get violent. And bloody. Let's just say its not for the weak of heart. So, as the saying goes, viewer discretion is advised. 

But anyway, I was disappointed by the ending of that vid, especially since it started off pleasant enough: three high-school/college-aged cats go out of a night on the town, only for at least one of them to end up dead in an arena of carnage. It all seemed like such a waste, so I created my own "Alternate Ending". 

When the cats get the milk spilled all over them, the three Dobermen get up, pulling out some napkins and kindly say that they're sorry, and that they'll help the cats get cleaned up. Only next thing the cats know, they're sitting on their stools tied up and gagged. 

Doberman: Relax, kittens. We're not gonna hurt you. We just think you're a little young for this scene is all...

Lone Digger characters (c) Caravan Palace
Happy BDay by MetalExveemon
Happy BDay
Birthday gift for :iconmdtartist83:. I asked him what he would like, and he said he'd like Exile, Tsunami, Roger and Blitz all in a group, wishing him a happy birthday. I decided to add in a little surprise by having them all be wearing their custom outfits... except as I was doing this, I realized Tsunami doesn't have a custom outfit yet. ^^ So after some thought, I decided to simply put him in his underwear. The explanation is that, when the Rovers gathered for this photo, Tsunami misunderstood what the dress code was going to be, and arrived a little bit more underdressed than his fellows. Fortunately he manages to blend in somewhat. :XD:

Tsunami also seems to be caught off guard by Exile getting a little too close and personal (he's used to Roger doing it ;)). But either way, these four dogs wish MDT a very happy birthday, and so do I. :hug: 

Exile/Blitz (c) WB
Tsunami (c) :iconmdtartist83:
Roger (c) me


United States…

The above is a link to an article that talks about 12 "retro" cartoons that seem to be of the relatively unknown type. Road Rovers is on the list, and even the person who wrote this article thought they had a ton of potential (and I agree with them that a live-action adaption would have been major awesome). :D

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