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Tokubetsu by MetalExveemon
New Road Rover OC time! This one has quite an interesting backstory: 

Now, a bit of info on white ligers: its been attempted to get white tigers and lion to interbreed to create white ligers, only this is not advisable as this commonly results in birth defects and whatnot. 

Dr. Pscyho was aware of this, but thought with his mutation technology he could create not only a functional white liger, but also create a mutant with all the strengths of both a lion and a tiger. 

The end result is the creature you see in the pic above. Physically, the liger is perfect: he has the same height and build as Sheng-Long, plus he also has a beautiful coat, a magnificent glossy main and two big beautiful blue eyes (a rarity among Psycho's mutants, who usually end up with yellow eyes). 

But... all strengths seem to end there. 

The liger turned out to be ridiculously weak despite being so muscular (an average human could beat him at arm-wrestling), he's a very slow runner, and seems to have very little hand-eye coordination. 

Not only that, but he also lacks a great deal of intelligence. His most common state of mind seems to be child-like confusion so that he can't follow orders too well. Plus, his disposition is mostly docile and submissive; he has little to no aggression. 

Even more strangely, he has no claws. Unlike Sheng, who has the common retractable ones, the liger has absolutely no claws to speak of aside from little nubbins that could be used to relieve himself of itching. Plus his teeth are not very sharp either (no sharper than a kittens').

Dr. Psycho tested the liger for any super powers he might have, only to discover one: self-healing powers. And that seemed to be of very little, if any, use to the MAS, so the mad scientist despairingly brushed the liger aside as a failed experiment, giving him the name "Reject" and handing him over to the other MAS members to use as a punching bag ("That's the only use I can think of for HIS kind of Super Power!").

And so, Reject lived a very unhappy life among the MAS. He was given only a thong to wear (originally Psycho meant this in order to show off the liger's stripes better) and no armor as a sign of 'low ranking'. He was constantly being beaten up by the other mutants (either for training purposes or for amusement), yet he never had the sense, skill or strength to fight back. His self-healing powers of course came in handy as he never felt the pain for very long and never retained any scars or deformities. 

But then one day, the MAS decided to take Reject along on one of their missions to use him as a decoy and/or cannon fodder as he was their most "useless" member. And all the while Reject didn't know or understand where they were taking him. After the events transpired, the MAS had another run-in with the Rovers which of course resulted in them taking off and leaving Reject behind. 

It also resulted in the liger being found by none other than Roger, who naturally took an instant shine to the gorgeous creature. ;) :XD:

Immediately the GSD wanted to take the liger home with him as a pet, but the other Rovers were against the idea, as they suspected that Reject could be a mole for the MAS. Roger, however, insisted on bringing Reject back with them, and after making certain the liger had no bug on him (or in him), Hunter relented and allowed Rog to bring his new pet home. 

Reject was bewildered by the new events, yet allowed himself to be taken aboard the Sky Rover, submissively going wherever Roger wanted him to go. Eventually Roger got the liger to talk to him and find out what his name was. Naturally Roger didn't like the name "Reject" and decided to rename him. At first he couldn't think of one, and then decided that the new name had to mean "special". He decided to ask Tsunami for a Japanese name that meant that, only the Samurai couldn't think of one off the top of his head. Roger looked up some names himself, and came across the name "Tokubetsu". 

And so that became Reject's new name, although Roger called him "Toku" for short. 

So far I haven't really thought much of what next happens to Toku, although I do have a few ideas. In the meantime, I'll just let everything try to meld together as the stories come along. :)

Also, fun fact: I based Toku's face on both Kovu from "The Lion King 2" and Shere Khan from "The Jungle Book." I wanted him to have Kovu's youth while also having Khan's softness (his round chin and nose), though I'm not sure I did a good job at combining them. Oh well, there's always future artwork. ;)

Road Rovers (c) WB
Toku (c) me
Duel by MetalExveemon
Birthday gift for :iconmdtartist83:. I asked him what he wanted, and he requested a duel between his OC Tsunami and ToonTorment's OC Sanjuro, and that's what he got. :) I also used one of the motion backgrounds MDT himself made because it just seemed right to do so. I had to adjust the size and flip the image around of course, but yeah. :XD:

Fun fact: I based their poses off of two women dueling because I liked their pose the best out of the duels I googled:…;

Happy Birthday, MDT! :hug: 

Tsunami (c) :iconmdtartist83: 
Sanjuro (c) :icontoontorment:
Trio by MetalExveemon
Surprise gift for :icondcaldwell101:. Hope you enjoy, buddy! :D

Earlier today he mentioned that Griff, Zafiro and Brooklyn were his favorite gargoyles, and I suddenly got the urge to draw them. I also decided to make a few 'improvements' on them as well. Cuz I can. ;) :XD:

Griff/Zafiro/Brooklyn (c) Disney
What a Hunk by MetalExveemon
What a Hunk
This was Brooklyn's best shot, I think. :XD:

Brooklyn/Gargoyles (c) Disney
Ninja Dog Forms by MetalExveemon
Ninja Dog Forms
I know this has been done before, but I wanted to do my own version of this. Besides, this focuses on the Ninja-ken more than it does on the original Road Rovers, so, yeah. X)

Btw, I also included not only their names and breeds, but also their own individual roles in the "Five Man Band" trope, just for fun. :) I made an interesting discovery regarding that, though: while Sanjuro and Dr. Shin stick rather staunchly to one role, the other four are a mixed bunch (Karasu very easily fits both "the smart guy" role as well as the "lancer" role; Kumori obviously is "the chick", but she can also be "the smart guy" as well; Haku of course is "the big guy" but at times can be a "lancer"; Tora is the most versatile, as he can fill three roles - and him being able to fill "the chick" role has nothing to do with him being gay/bi, thank you very much! After all, sometimes "the chick" can be a male character, and sometimes Tora seems like he acts as the heart of the team, plus he's also the medic and therefore looks after everyone). 

Plus, some of you may notice something interesting about the photo used for Tora: that is what an actual Akita Brindle looks like. Yes, a dog with tiger-stripes, isn't that awesome? Now why, you might wonder, have I not included those stripes in my previous drawings of Tora? Because during that time, I misunderstood what ToonTorment told me about his Akita OC, and so thought that Tora was solid orange-and-white. This also means I plan on redoing my design on Tora - but I'm thinking of redesigning *all* of my takes on the Ninjas. :)

Road Rovers (c) WB
Ninja-ken (c) :icontoontorment:


United States

My 2nd AMV. ;) Enjoy!

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