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Ace's Underwear by MetalExveemon
Ace's Underwear
When I was going to do Gunther's underwear, I suddenly realized that I *had* to include Ace. :D I think I did slightly better on the front views of Ace's face than I did with Gunther's. 

Although I'm not entirely sure if I got the right prints exile99289 wanted, although I did follow with his instructions as closely as I could (I could only find so many images on google; plus, the prints I chose here were the ones that stuck out to me the most, and they seemed to fit in with exile99289's drawing style the most). 

Ace (c) :iconexile99289:
Gunther's Underwear by MetalExveemon
Gunther's Underwear
When :iconthesims65: drew a series of his OC, Gunther, in his skivvies, I realized I had to do my own version. :XD: 

Now you all may remember with my other 'underwear' series that 2 of each characters' 4 poses had a front view of their face. I decided to carry that theme over with Gunther... and I failed miserably. I admit it, Gunther's front-view faces look terrible. I did have a reference pic of Gunther's face from the front, but I still did an awful job. Fortunately, I did better with the side-views, plus all four of his bodies turned out great, I think. :XD: 

So, hopefully thesims65 will forgive my shoddy work on those two faces. :hug: 

As for the styles of Gunther's underwear, I did go to thesims65 to see what he would wear, and got these: brown boxers with a red frisbee print; green boxers; briefs with the Texas flag print; and Royal blue briefs (he and Tsunami match! ;D Lol). 

Gunther (c) :iconthesims65:
Blitz's Awesomest Moment by MetalExveemon
Blitz's Awesomest Moment
Just a collection of screenshots depicting Blitz's Number One Moment of Awesomeness. :D Despite what most fans think, Blitz actually did have quite a few moments where he got to be cool, but this moment here tops them all. Seriously, where was *this* Blitz during most of the series? ...Though then again, I suppose considering that this show was meant to be a light-hearted comedy would put some restrictions on how Blitz's particular powers are portrayed. ^^

Blitz/Canomutants (c) WB
Green is My Favorite Color by MetalExveemon
Green is My Favorite Color
:iconmdtartist83: has been after me for a few years to draw his anthro version of Dynomutt, and finally, here it is. And of course I was going to draw him being drooled over by Roger. ;) :XD:

Of course, Roger's in for quite a surprise (and disappointment) when he discovers that Dynomutt is not of flesh and blood like he, but is in fact a robot. Heh-heh.

Dynomutt (c) WB
Dynomutt's design (c) :iconmdtartist83:
Roger (c) me
Indoor Voice by MetalExveemon
Indoor Voice
Anyone who's familiar with me will know that one day I plan on making a list of how I'd change the first (and only) season of "Road Rovers", only that's taking me longer than expected, sadly. However, inspiration struck me this evening and I was able to come up with this quick little drawing, depicting how I would remake a certain scene from the episode "Hair of the Dog That Bit You."

This is, of course, mostly for laughs, but its also shameless fanservice, I admit it. :XD: But what's going on here is this: 

When Blitz realizes that his shower-partner is a werewolf, he not only runs out with the shower curtain clinging to him, but he also tries to gather up the clothes he meant to put on after his bath. The Doberman only manages to get his bikini-briefs on before the werewolf is upon him. He screams like a girl (again ;)) and dodges, leaving the shower curtain behind while the werewolf claws at it. 

The rest of the scene plays out like it did in the original with Blitz running quite literally into Shag and the two of them trying to jump into each other's arms before finally realizing such an act wasn't working. They take off down the hall, screaming their heads off. 

The commotion awakens Hunter, who comes out of his room wearing only a pair of boxer briefs (the same kind that would appear in "Hunter's Heroes" when Shag throws them over the security camera; the idea is that Shag got a hold of them due to static cling while doing the laundry, hahahah). 

Shag runs behind Hunter and curls up into a quivering ball while Blitz jumps into his arms, screeching in fear and babbling about a monster chasing them. 

Now, Hunter is still pretty tired from having his sleep interrupted, and doesn't quite appreciate having somebody yelling in his ear (and given how dogs have better hearing than humans, that makes it especially painful too ^^). So after setting Blitz back on his own feet, the Road Rover leader does the only thing he can think of to silence the noisy Doberman, as can be seen in the pic up above. ;) :XD:

Blitz/Hunter (c) WB


United States
Just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to all my friends and watchers out there! Hope you all have a great one! :D

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