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July 5, 2013
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The Space Rovers by MetalExveemon The Space Rovers by MetalExveemon
As many of you know, I am one of the hopefuls that "Road Rovers" will come back. And even if it doesn't, I will continue to dream and to write and to draw and create, because I love this series, and it shouldn't die out. :D

Now, some of you might remember the Space Rovers who appeared in the episode "Take Me To Your Leader." I rather resented the way how they just randomly appeared with no background story or introductory or anything else. Not only that, but only their leader, Persia, was given a name and speaking lines, while the rest were just speechless drawings.

In my own personal remake of the series, the Space would be given a story to show how they came to be, and each of them would be given their own name, personality, skill, background, etc.

Unfortunately, because I could only find one screencap that showed only Persia and two other Space Rovers (from the front; there was another Space Rover, but I could only see him from the back), I can only present drawings of these three as of this time:

Persia, an afphgan dog;
Molly, a cockerspaniel (the reason I named her Molly is simply because that's the name that came to mind when I was thinking up possible names, and it just stuck; plus I would have her be a romantic interest for Exile, simply because that seems like such a cute coupling)
Duke, a black lab (I named him Duke because I've seen and heard about a lot of black labs who had that name, plus it just seemed to fit)

Also, I think I would have the Space Rovers be a female-dominated team, as opposed to the Road Rovers and Ninja-ken, who have only one female team member each. The Space Rovers would consist of 4 female dogs and one male.

So anyway, if anyone has any extra screencaps of the Space Rovers, please feel free to share them, as well as any possible dog species and names you think I could use for the extra two slots I have open for the remaining Rovers. :)

Space Rovers (c) WB
Duke/Molly (c) well, their designs belong to WB, but their names and personalities belong to me
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TheSims65 Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This guys is like the parody of Star Trek :XD:
Cool I can't wait to see them, Anyway there another Male Space Rover Character, A Bulldog
Thank you! :D Was it a Bulldog? I thought it was a Schnauzer.
It's is a Bulldog and yes It's a male and don't forget other four road rovers appeared with persia in Dawn of the Groomer
Oh I haven't forgotten them, believe me. :D
Well I highy Recommeded you do them by draw them
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