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March 18, 2013
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Tickle by MetalExveemon Tickle by MetalExveemon
Request from :iconticklishwolf:. Unlike with his other requests, the victim, Roger, is not really a victim here; he's actually letting himself get tickled because he enjoys it. :XD:

Buster (c) Disney
Shuan (c) :iconticklishwolf:
Roger (c) me
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Lovelyforyou Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Cool! I make yaoi things too.
sprucehammer Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013
nice. a leopard speedo XD
MetalExveemon Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013
universal85 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
I would love to join in tickling roger.I would love to blow rasberries on his belly and chest.
MetalExveemon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013
:XD: :D
AKKKK Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
Hilarious picture, MetalExVeemon.

Oddly enough, this brings to mind something I'm wondering. It has been established on this sight that, were Brian Griffin from Family Guy to get into a fight with Oliver And Company's Dodger, then Dodger would beat him. Likewise, Rita and Georgette would be able to beat him in a one-on-one fight as well.

My question, and what I'm wondering, is, do you think Brian Griffin would be able to take down Buster from Lady And The Tramp 2 in a one-on-one fight? Or do you think he'd lost that fight, too? Just curious.
MetalExveemon Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
Heh-heh, thank you. :)

:XD: Hahah, I really couldn't say...
willylliw Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I finally got around to this one! :) Haha, dude, what can I say?! BUSTER! SHIRTLESS! WITH A BELLYBUTTON!!! :D He looks better and sexier than ever! Man, I love the way you draw Buster. He's so HOT!!! :D It's also been awhile since I've seen Shaun and Roger. Roger's looking good too. :D Man, he's built... and what's that I see? Could that be a bellybutton on his belly? EXTRA SEXY!!!:D There's only one mistake I see... Shaun, he's wearing a shirt. ;) Superior Work! :) I love it! I love Buster! Draw more of him! :)
I was going to just comment, but I thought I'd continue our little tradition and write a short script. I haven't written one in awhile.

It was a beautiful warm summer day on the beach. It was early in the morning still so hardly anyone was on the beach. That was a perfect time for best friends Roger and Shaun to take a morning walk. Shaun was wearing his casual clothing, he found no need to walk around half naked. Roger however was wearing only his leopard skin speedo and enjoying the breeze blowing on his exposed body.
Roger: (Stretches body) Come on Shaun, strip down, let your body breath! You’ll like it!
Shaun: No thanks, I’m fine just as I am.
Just then they both saw someone else walking toward them. They couldn’t make out whom at first, but they did know it was a guy with muscles.
Roger: (Stops Shaun) Hold on, let’s see who that is.
As it turned out it was Buster. He was going on a morning walk too wearing only a red speedo. Buster after all hates wearing a shirt. Anyway, Buster saw the two but walked pass them.
Roger: Hey wait, aren’t you Buster?!
Buster: (Stops and turns to them) Why yes I am. I see you heard of me. (Smiles)
Roger: That’s for sure. I heard rumors that you like to kidnap other guys, bound them, and tickle torture them.
Buster: (Grins feeling nervous) Uhh… you’re right… those are rumors.
Roger: Awww, I was hoping it was true. I wanted you to tickle me.
Both Shaun and Buster looked wide eyed at Roger.
Buster: Are you serious?
Shaun: You like being tickled?
Roger: Well, it never happened. But I really REALLY want to be tickled.
Buster approached Roger and looked over his body. Roger was indeed built and handsome. He could see that Roger enjoyed wearing little clothing too.
Buster: Hmm, you do look like a great specimen. (Looks around making sure the beach is clear of others. All clear.) Maybe I will tickle you. (Roger jumps with excitement and tongue hanging out) However, I don’t have anything to bind you with. (Roger stops) Unless… you there. (Points to Shaun) Hold him in place.
Shaun: (Feeling awkward, he grabs Roger and holds him in a tight full nelson) Remember this was your idea. And don’t kick me!
Roger: I know! (Panting with excitement) Well I’m ready, tickle away!
Buster: Gladly! (Cracks his knuckles).
First Buster teases Roger by running his finger up and down his body, causing Roger to tense up. He then goes in for the attack by grabbing and squeezing his sides. Roger yells out loud in laugher. Buster grins as he tickles the dog’s sides. Shaun looks over Roger’s shoulder to watch. After a few minutes, Buster moved to Roger’s chest and viciously ran all his fingers over and over his bulky chest. Roger was yelling to stop, but he really didn’t want him to stop. Buster ignored him and continued. Next he moved toward Roger’s flat but built belly, and tickled him there without mercy. Roger was screaming with laughter and moving around. But Shaun held him tight. By now Shaun was enjoying Roger’s torture and even laughing with delight along with Buster. Buster enjoyed tickling bellies and was at it longer than the other areas he tickled. He stoked the dog’s abs and dug deep into Roger’s bellybutton. Now Roger was gasping for air from all the laughter and his knees gave out. Shaun finally released him and he fell on the sand. Roger lied there catching his breath.
Buster: (Kneels beside Roger and rubs his belly) That was a lot of fun. Glad to have met you here.
Roger: (Panting) Tha… thanks you! I… I enjoyed… enjoyed it.
Buster: I better get going now. Someone might’ve heard your laughter. I’m not about to be taken away.
Shaun: Don’t worry, Buster. Your secret is safe with us.
Buster: Thanks! (Pokes Roger’s bellybutton again) See you around! (Winks) (Gets up and goes to Shaun. He grabs his shirt and lifts it up to his neck) Hmm, nice body there. (Releases him and walks away leaving a stunned Shaun and exhausted Roger behind). (Whispers to himself) I’ll have to tell Steele about these two. (Sinister chuckle).
MetalExveemon Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
ROFL, awesome script there! :XD: Hahahahah, oh my gosh... loved the part where Buster lifts up Shaun's shirt, that was hilarious! :XD:

Hahah, but yeah, at first I intended on having Shaun be speedo-clad too, but then I realized I'm getting a little tired of always drawing speedo-guys, so I decided to challenge myself a little by adding clothing, and I was well satisified with how it all came out. :)

Thanks again for the lovely script, somehow you managed to catch Roger's personality rather well. :D :XD: :)
willylliw Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, it felt good to write one of these again. :) Haha, due to Buster's dislike for shirts, he had to take a look at Shaun's body before he left. :D He should've ripped his shirt open instead. :D
I guess it would be tiresome to draw the same thing over and over. :) It did come out great! ;) But it should be a law that Buster be shirtless at all times! :D
Did I really? Cool, I think for a moment what Roger would say. So he does like being shirtless? :D
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